We manage real estate investments under our private equity funds as well as direct investment mandates, on behalf of our strategic investment partners.


We provide a broad spectrum of services across the real estate investment value chain, from deal sourcing and structuring, to active asset management and divestment.


Utilising our strong network and extensive experience on the ground, we aim to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns sustainably, uphold our responsibilities as a professional investment manager, and ultimately create long-term value in all our partnerships.


Our team has a strong and long-standing track record and has demonstrated competence by successfully investing, managing and divesting office assets across Australia. We strive to work alongside investors to achieve their investment objectives in a sustainable way, and in the process, build long lasting relationships.


Investment Approach

We employ a comprehensive and robust investment approach throughout an asset’s investment life cycle. Always striving to be at the forefront of the industry, we constantly seek to improve and implement innovative strategies to further enhance the value of every asset in our portfolio. Our wholistic investment approach encompasses:




Structuring and Advisory

We understand investors have varying requirements. We offer customised investment solutions to suit investors’ needs. And we do this by working closely with established and reputable specialist advisors to ensure investment structures are optimised for the most efficient legal, regulatory and tax outcomes.



Our longstanding relationships within the financial industry enable us to implement financing solutions that meet investors’ risk tolerance, while striving to deliver efficient outcomes, including minimising risks.


Sourcing and Acquisition

Leveraging on our established real estate network on the ground, we are able to source on-market and off-market opportunities suitable for each investment mandate. Investment targets are shortlisted based on our in-depth wholistic assessment on all aspects of the property, including location, pricing, vacancies, tenant mix and the potential for value creation. Once identified, we conduct a thorough due diligence process and if assessed to be suitable, our execution experience allows us to complete the acquisition in a swift and timely manner.


We also believe careful execution during asset acquisition is equally vital to the delivery of optimal investment outcomes to our investors.


Active Asset Management

Our targeted asset management approach aims to improve an asset’s performance and enhance user experience. We also strive to improve operational standards to protect an asset’s yield under ever-changing market conditions and evolving expectations.


While achieving investment objectives for investors is our primary focus, we are also committed to responsible stewardship and efficient management of assets by adopting practices that are environmentally sustainable. Through active green Asset Enhancement Initiatives (AEIs), we strive to reduce an asset’s environmental footprint. Such AEIs and other key initiatives also enhance the assets’ value creation potential, leading to higher capital values.


Core Support Services

Providing investment and fund management support services, including financial and regulatory reporting and tax compliance.


Realising Investment

A key factor in realising investments with optimal outcomes is divestment timing. With meticulous planning and a deep understanding of market trends and cycles, we capitalise on divestment opportunities promptly in order to maximise returns to our investors.


Our experience and track record gives us the advantage when negotiating and executing swift divestment transactions.


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